Our improvement journey

Our ambition and direction for Children's Services in NEL

There has never been a more exciting time to join North East Lincolnshire Children’s Services. Following a radical restructure and review we have full buy-in from all levels of the Council and Leadership team to deliver on our vision. The Transformation Framework we established is already yielding positive results and at the heart of that is the experience, passion and dedication of our team of social workers.

Our transformation journey

Joanne Hewson, NELC Deputy Chief Executive is also the Director of Children’s Services. Joanne is spearheading our Transformation Plan and is passionate about improving the quality and long term sustainability in the service.

The key elements of our Transformation Plan

The Transformation Plan is structured across short, medium, and long-term phases. 

  1. Short Term – With focussing on the immediate requirements to restart services post-COVID and implement processes to deliver the Transformation Plan.
  2. Medium Term – these new processes and programmes will be embedded and built on the new foundation.
  3. Long-term – it is all about creating a system-wide shift embedding the new ways of working with partners across all areas of Children’s Services to ensure sustainable outcomes.


Overall there is a shift towards greater early intervention and prevention with improved Governance at all levels.

We have recognised that in the past our environment did not always allow our social workers to deliver the best service and these areas have been addressed and changed. We know that we cannot expect change if you carry on with the same approach as before so have initiated improvements across all areas including roles, salaries, training, supervision, and support.


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