Our partners

Partnership working, the key to success

Our service is most effective when we have strong links and partnership working across agencies and groups. This is an ethos we have embraced and is helping us to drive our service forward. Partnerships with the likes of NSPCC, not-for-profit, and community groups who are already working with our vulnerable children and families allows us to have a children-centred approach, reducing duplication and collective problem-solving.

Together for childhood

Together for Childhood logo

Together for Childhood is a joint initiative with the NSPCC. It is a long-term project working with local communities to make them safer for children. In North East Lincolnshire the project brings together Children’s Services, Police, Health, NSPCC, Education, voluntary sector partners, and the community coming together to prevent harm to children and young people.

The objectives of this Partnership Project include;

  • Improve the physical and emotional health of children and families
  • Prevention of abuse and neglect in families facing adversity
  • Help parents to develop and sustain more positive parenting skills and better relationships with their children
  • A co-ordinated and sustainable change in the system to encourage and influence a more cohesive and collaborative approach to policy, practice and connectivity with the community


Safe Families and North East Lincolnshire Council

Safe Families is a charity that works with 30+ Local Authorities around the UK. Safe Families is made up of over Safe families for children logo4,500 volunteers from over 800 churches and community groups across the UK. The charity recognises that for a child to thrive they need to be loved and secure in their own family and that when families are isolated and struggling, their children can be vulnerable.

The work Safe Families do offer sustainable solutions to families within their own communities by delivering cost-effective, relation-based services through trained local volunteers. Safe Families has been working with social workers in North East Lincolnshire identifying needs and referring families to SF. This early intervention can often stem the flow of children into care and families in crisis and is one of the interventions our social workers can offer.

Lifelong Family Links Family Group Conferencing

Lifelong Links is a new approach, developed by the Family Rights Group, which aims to build lasting support Lifelong Links logonetworks for children and young people in care utilising a specially designed family group conference (FGC).

Family Group Counselling aims to reconnect the child or young person in care with family, friends, and other adults who have been important to them. It puts them at the centre and ensures their voice is paramount throughout the whole process.

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