Recruitment process

Making the recruitment process as accessible as possible

We identified that our recruitment process was a little slow and did not give applicants enough early access to relevant people who could answer their specific questions about the roles. So we have revamped our approach to make it more streamlined and applicant friendly.

Service teams involved at all stages

Feedback highlighted the importance for applicants in being able to talk to people doing the job, as early in the process as possible.

There are often specific questions about the role, team structure, responsibilities, and culture that are not always covered in the job spec. This is why for every job vacancy we have allocated a ‘link person’ from our team of social workers who can provide additional information and answer questions.

Friendly and informal

A contact for the link person will be posted on the job advertisement but they will also call and make contact with every applicant. This is not part of the selection process, but rather an initial chat where they can provide useful information and answer any questions.

Panel interviews for shortlisted candidates

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a panel interview made up of representatives from Children’s Services and HR. You will be asked to bring along any relevant documents such as qualifications and DBS checks, again this helps to speed up the recruitment process.

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