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North East Lincolnshire Children’s Services focus on creating an environment that harnesses the talents of social workers rather than stifling their abilities through a system that is bound by bureaucracy. Yes, process is needed, but we believe these should be centred around child-led support and intervention.

Roles and responsibilities that are matched to abilities and experience

We recognised that there had been instances in the past when our social workers were not dealing with cases that matched their experience. This is no longer the case.

Our roles and teams have been structured in a way to allow a match between experience and skills.


Comprehensive and varied training across all knowledge and required skillsets

Following a complete review of our Practice Support Model, our training programme covers all areas required for successful practice and we have intruded varied delivery formats such as online training and ‘lunch & learn’.


Clear career pathways, helping you realise your ambition and career goals

A new level has been introduced that bridges the gap that existed between Level 1 social workers and consultant practitioners. We now offer a full range of roles from AYSE through to Advanced Practitioners. We have developed management training for those who would like to branch into a Team Manager role.


A supportive and responsive management and leadership team

Increased levels of supervision and management support mean that you will have access to supervision, mentoring, and case overviews.

North East Lincolnshire Council leadership is also fully supportive of the vision and direction of our Children’s Services and our DCS, Joanne Hewson, is also NELC Deputy Chief Executive, so we have a very high level of representation within the council.


Benefits and flexible working

Social Work is a vocation but having a range of benefits that ensure a good work-life balance is also very important. We have been working on our flexible working offer to give our social workers as much flexibility as possible to fit around their life, family, and preferences.

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