About the Academy

Social Work Academy purpose and vision

In North East Lincolnshire, we have a vision for creating the best lives possible for the children and families living in our area by supporting them to achieve positive outcomes. Our Social Work Academy is fundamental to delivering on this vision.

Our Aspirations

As your social work career unfolds, our Academy is designed to support you every step of the way, from entry as a student to senior management positions. Our Academy will be supporting you every step of your career.
We have built our Social Work Academy on five fundamental principles:

The Academy is involved at a grassroots level in schools, colleges, and the community with the promotion of Social Work as a career. We aim to raise awareness of the role of a children’s Social Worker and to inspire people to embark on their own Social Work career journey

Our success depends on attracting the right people at all levels into the service. The Academy is dedicated to showcasing our comprehensive opportunities within North East Lincolnshire that promote best practice outcomes for children and families and offers continual growth opportunities for our knowledgeable workforce.
The Academy supports and develops a range of entry routes into social work, including Step Up to Social Work and Apprenticeship routes.

To foster a relational-based culture that models and promotes relationship-based practice within our teams and with the children and families we work alongside.
North East Lincolnshire Council is committed to using the Signs of Safety practice model


The Academy provides a learning experience for all students on placement with us. It provides them with the learning experiences to develop the skills to empower them to achieve their career goal of becoming a social worker.

Our ASYE programme provides a protected space where newly qualified social workers can hone their practice.

Our Practice and Improvement teamwork across all levels to assist in the professional development of our social workers.


The Academy fosters a relationship-based culture that models and promotes relationship-based practice within our teams and with the children and families, we work alongside.

We promote an environment that encourages reflection and growth of competence, confidence, knowledge, skills, and professional identity.

Our Programmes

The North East Lincolnshire Social Work Academy delivers the following programmes;

  • Training & Curriculum for all workers shaped and informed by audit and quality assurance.
  • Students (pre and post qualified), Placement Supervisors & Practice Educators
  • Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE)
  • National assessment and accreditation system (NAAS)
  • Practice Champions


To find out more about our Social Work Academy, email [email protected]

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