Practice Model

Signs of Safety Practice Model

In North East Lincolnshire, we have committed to using the Signs of Safety practice model. We are currently embarking on an intensive programme of change that has, at its heart, embedded the Signs of Safety practice across the Children’s Services and partner workforce.

Why Signs of Safety?

Signs of Safety makes sure the view of the child, their parents, and their safety network are part of the solution. It is about all parties, the children, their families, their network, and professionals working together to meet the needs of the children in the best way possible.

The model gives our team the tools to manage complex situations and allows them to work in true collaboration with children and families. It will enable you to work with families to understand what is working well, what we are worried about, and what needs to happen so that the child can be safe and happy in the future.

A strong organisational commitment

The Signs of Safety practice model is fully embedded across North East Lincolnshire Council, including social workers, education, multi-agency partners, and the police. We have established a strong commitment to the practice model from our senior leadership team. Leaders receive advanced training to ensure they are ‘modelling’ practice themselves and providing staff with consistent messages about the practice from the top down.

Our case management system, Liquid Logic, is aligned with Signs of Safety, so our system speaks the same language as our practice. This saves our social workers time from computer-based admin, allowing more time to work directly with families.

A culture of continuous learning

Our Signs of Safety practice model is embedded into our workforce development plan. We provide an intensive induction into the model of practice. In addition to this training, we provide opportunities to develop practice through regular Practice Development sessions, group supervision, access to Practice Champions, and a management team who actively promotes and uses the model.

Our Practice Champions, who sit in all the teams, are ‘on the floor’ supporting staff to effectively embed practice. In addition, every staff member has access to our Signs of Safety Knowledge Bank, which has a raft of support and resources for applying best practice.

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