Flexible working

Our flexible working options work around your life

Flexible working is a benefit that is highly sought after by employees. It was something our employees were looking for so in response we have developed a range of flexible working patterns and options to help give our employees a better work/life balance. It also helps us to provide a service that doesn’t fit neatly into a 9-5 working day!

Our flexible working options

Options for different working patterns include;


  • Working standard contracted hours over longer days to allow for one non-working day a fortnight.
  • Part-time
  • Fewer hours than full time contracted hours.
  • Job Share
  • Two or more people share the role and responsibilities of one post.



Additional hours worked are credited as flexi-time and taken back at a time which is appropriate to the service.


Term-time working

Work only during school term times and take leave when not working.


80% contracts

4-day working week with set working days.


Home working

Ability to do some work from home, if appropriate.


Career Break

The option to have a career break.


Non-Standard Working Pattern

Agreed working hours e.g. 10 am – 3 pm with remaining hours spread across other parts of the day/week such as evenings or weekends.

We are happy to discuss flexible working arrangements with you.

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